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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Enters a Steady Range-Bound Consolidation Phase

As bitcoin hovers around $36,209, the cryptocurrency market braces for potential shifts. The day prior, BTC slid to a low of $35,109 per coin but has since managed to rebound back above the $36K range. Bitcoin’s market volatility intensified following the release of the consumer price index (CPI), a critical inflation gauge, which reported a rise less than the 0.1% economists had anticipated.


Bitcoin’s current relative strength index (RSI) stands at 66, suggesting a neutral to bearish stance. The Stochastic value at 51 and the commodity channel index (CCI) at 40 also indicate a similar sentiment. Traders and investors seeking to leverage recent profits might interpret these indicators as cues for steering through an ongoing period of market consolidation.

These readings imply a period of stabilization, with no clear directional bias in the immediate term. However, the neutral status of these oscillators could pivot quickly, necessitating continued market monitoring. The exponential moving average (EMA) and simple moving average (SMA) for the 10-day period are signaling a bearish sentiment, with values at $36,060 and $36,146, respectively.


Bitcoin chart by TradingView

This suggests that in the short term, bitcoin may face more downward pressure. During Tuesday’s trading, BTC experienced a 4.46% decline against the U.S. dollar, while Wednesday’s current sessions reflect evident market uncertainty. Traders are advised to exercise prudence, as these signs point to a path of least resistance skewing towards lower levels.

Demand has noticeably decreased at elevated price levels, indicating a shift towards a more bearish short-term sentiment. Looking at the longer-term perspective, both EMA and SMA paint a more optimistic picture. For the 200-day period, the EMA and SMA are at $28,818 and $28,762, respectively, both indicating a more confident environment.

This could mean that while short-term volatility is evident, the long-term outlook remains bullish, underlining the importance of strategic patience for long profit-takers. With a market capitalization of $708 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $24.51 billion, bitcoin markets still show substantial market engagement.

In this nuanced market, conservative traders might consider taking profits from long positions, waiting for flipped resistance confirmation before re-entering. Aggressive traders might explore early short positions, aiming to capitalize on the anticipated short-term reversal.

The impending spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) launch could be a pivotal event influencing bitcoin’s rally duration. An unexpected announcement of an exchange-traded fund approval, however, would be extremely unfavorable for short positions in this area, leading to their rapid liquidation.

Bull Verdict:

Despite short-term volatility, bitcoin’s long-term moving average indicators suggest a bullish trend. The strong support reflected in the 200-day EMA and SMA levels, coupled with the ongoing accumulation phase, positions bitcoin for some potential upward momentum.

Bear Verdict:

On the other hand, bitcoin’s current market dynamics and technical indicators signal potential bearish trends. The pressure indicated by the short-term EMAs and SMAs, alongside a neutral to slightly bearish oscillator outlook, suggests a possible downturn.