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Hash Lease Contract

Hash Lease Contract

In accordance with the United Kingdom relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness, mutual benefit and honesty and trustworthiness, mining product cooperation. The product information is subject to the website. Once the order is placed, it indicates that the product has been approved and no refund will be given.

I. Service content and method

1.1 Computing power service package and price

 Subject to the package actually ordered by the customer.

1.2 Cloud Mining power service mode

1.2.1 Party A shall subscribe the cloud mining service package provided by Party B, and Party A   need to pay extra fees for electricity, management fees and other expenses during the service period, since it’s a package. If Party B offers discounts and fee reductions, the actual reduction or exemption shall prevail.Party B shall go online as scheduled and provide comprehensive professional operation services, including payment proceeds to the address specified by Party A. Calculation of mining income can be referred to the


Party A's Bitcoin account address:  the wallet address provided by the platform shall prevail                             

Party A's Ethcoin account address:  the wallet address provided by the platform shall prevail      


1.2.2 Both parties hereto agree that, during the term of this contract, Party A shall not require Party B to return the service fee, unless Party B intentionally breaches the contract to the extent that the service is not available.

1.2.3 Revenue transparency: Party A may search the crypto currency generated by the purchased cloud mining power on the account of the platform.

1.2.4 Payment mode: Earnings are distributed in accordance with PPS mode. Currently, a batch of calculating force is running in the cooperative mine pool. The total average earnings are calculated in accordance with the PPS mode given by the cooperative mine pool every day.

1.2.5 Income distribution process: The income is settled every 24 hours. It is directly distributed to the balance of Party A's account.         


II. Payment method

Payment voucher: Party A provides payment screenshots or uploads TXID.

Payment process: Party A pays the order in full before use.

Account number: The latest deposit address provided by the platform shall prevail.


III. Rights and obligations of both parties

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, through mutual agreement, the parties hereto have reached the following standards of liability for the purchase of computing power service:

3.1 This product is different from ordinary consumer electronic products. It is specially customized according to customers' needs. The investment shall be prudent and no income ccan be quaranted once the contract is concluded.

3.2 Party B shall operate online within the time stipulated in this agreement and pay the proceeds to the account established by Party A on time.

3.3 The price of Bitcoin is subject to frequent fluctuations, and the difficulty of mining Bitcoin is adjusted every four years. The difficulty of currency price rise will lead to the fluctuation of mining earnings. Party B does not guarantee that Party A will return the money from either Bitcoin or legal tender.


IV. Liabilities of breaching

4.1 If either party breaches any provision hereof, it shall be deemed to be in breach hereof. The breaching party shall be liable for continuing performance, remedial measures and compensation for losses. Legal fees, legal fees, notary fees and other expenses incurred by the breaching party shall be borne by the breaching party.

4.2 In case of force majeure, such as natural disasters (floods, mud-rock flow, etc.), policy implications (country issued documents, etc.), large scale blackout accidents was forced to reduce or suspend power, has led to calculate volatility (in the same day of the public announcement), both parties hereto shall cooperate in the manners of honesty and trustworthy, mutual benefit mutual understanding, mutual undertake corresponding consequences, and not burden economic losses to Party A, Party B does not undertake any responsibility.


V. Risk Reminder

5.1 The crypto currency market is a brand new market with the characteristics of 24-hour open trading and no limit of rise or fall. The rise or fall of the value of the crypto currency is highly uncertain, and even may be skyrocketed or plummeted in the short term. Therefore, the profit from mining is of high risk.

5.2 This contract does not involve the transaction of digital assets. If Party A participates in the transaction of digital assets of a third party, it shall bear its own responsibilities and risks.

5.3 Understand and accept Party A, as a result of relevant state laws, regulations and regulatory documents formulated or modify the objective conditions change, such as lead to dig behavior been suspended, or forbidden, automatically terminate this contract, both parties shall not be held accountable to each other, the resulting losses shall be borne by Party A has paid the fee is not refundable.